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Devon Banel
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Honest reviews of the blowjob toy Zolo Roboblow

Male sex toys have never been under much discussion. Either they are just shrugged off the carpet, or brands make some silly fleshlight-like device to please the masses. There is barely any quality product in the market that men across the globe can widely acclaim.

This dismissive approach towards male sex toys continued until about a few years back. Zolo Roboblow from Twice Tonight entered the market space and changed the game for everyone. It seemed as if, finally, a masterpiece of a product had come into being. The Zolo blowbot promised incredible features that one could only dream of in a product. With all the hype surrounding it, it was a matter of time till people found out if it was any good.

So in this article, I have given my honest reviews about this automatic blowjob machine. The Zolo blowbot is a fantastic sex toy with great features but is it worth the hype? Let’s find out.

First of all, why do I qualify to review Zolo Roboblow?

I am a sex toy enthusiast.

With over 20 different male sex toys in my closet, I consider myself a connoisseur of all things kinky and sexy. Over the last 6 years, I have written over a thousand blogs, research articles, and reviews on topics related to the adult industry. Hence, I consider my experience somewhat worthy enough to be an unbiased reviewer of a sex toy.

Before starting the review, let me tell you that I have had ample experience with blowjob machines. I wasn’t a massive fan of these toys as they felt nothing like real blowjobs. Most just have the same old stroking pattern, so I used to get bored of them after a few times.

In this review, I have considered almost every factor and given you an unbiased viewpoint on using the product.

Therefore, here goes my review of the Zolo Roboblow blowjob simulator

The strokes of the Zolo Roboblow are mind-blowingly accurate.

Zolo roboblow delivers full-length stroked without missing a beat. This is a compelling feature as most sex toys in this category go for half-length or even shorter strokes. The fact that Zolo Roboblow has motors capable enough to travel the entire length without causing discomfort to the user is a fantastic feat.

Perfectly compatible with lubes

There are innumerable sex toys out there that fail miserably with lubes. Either they feel too sticky or just don’t wash off well. But you won’t face such problems with Zolo Roboblow. This automatic blowjob simulator works perfectly with lubes and gives you an ecstatic sensation.

If you ask me, I’d say you should use water-based lubes— the more, the merrier. You will feel the exact sensation of a blowjob.

Ribbed and textured sleeves  

I’ve always been very critical about the sleeves inside the fleshlights and blowjob machines. They are either too smooth to feel or seem like some leathery junk that will scratch their heads.

Zolo Roboblow, on the other hand, has the perfect amount of texture. The ribbed and textured sleeves have just the right amount of grip that allows you to enjoy your moment without too much friction.

Also, you can always pair it up with lube to enhance the feeling even more!

Long-lasting battery

I’ve heard numerous complaints of masturbators running out of charge after just a few minutes of pleasure. This does not happen with the Zolo Roboblow. With just one charge, it can satisfy you more than once before it drains out.

So yes, the battery is a compelling upgrade from all its previous versions.

Portable and discreet

Unlike many other male sex toys, the Zolo blowbot is a very portable and discreet product. So if you plan to go on a week-long vacation, Zolo Roboblow will undoubtedly be your best friend.

The final verdict

Zolo Roboblow is certainly the automatic blowjob simulator that I would recommend with an open heart. It not only gives the user a fantastic experience but can also emulate the sensation of a good blowjob at ease.

You can still give this one a shot if you’re a bit picky or critical of your sex toys. The feature-packed sex toy will surely impress the harshest critics. The fact that it has won the hearts of almost every user across the globe is a testimony to that. Irrespective of your dick dimensions or sexual preference, you can truly experience the intimate feelings of a sloppy sexy blowjob with the Zolo blowbot.

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