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Astonishing 5G speeds for mobile streams and IPTV.

High quality

Watch videos and movies at the highest video quality standards.

Hundreds of international channels

Watch IPTV and access channels from all over the world.

One connection for everything

One connection will handle all of your devices.

Recording features

You can record channels, shows or events on a 24/7 basis.

No buffering

Forget about buffering issues, regardless of the video quality.

5G technologies

Benefit from the ultimate 5G technology at an affordable price.

Channels you could watch with us


Not sure about one thing or another?

Here are some questions. Call us at +1 719 012 8717 or mail [email protected] for more details.

Once you have the contract done, you will have to choose the date and time. It is hard to tell how fast you can do it, as it depends on our schedule. On average, it should take anywhere between two and five working days.


Is your area covered? Find out now.

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